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A tribute to some of your favorite bands from the 80's.


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Marissa - Lead Vocals

Born in Belvidere Illinois, Marissa has been singing as long as she could talk. Music has been a huge part of her daily life from marching band, choir, show choir and performances in Musicals in High school.   Over the years, she has had the honor of singing with some of the best. Shane’s Gang, Funky Town Express and Poetic Soul. Marissa has also written and recorded originals in various genres.  Other studio work includes projects with local artists, commercials and voice overs. She feels blessed to be able to share the voice God gave me with others!  Peace!

Chuck - Drums

Chuck Meyer hails from North East Minn. MN. He has been a drummer since he was two years of age. Learning songs like, "Summer Time Blues" by, Blue Cheer. Janis joplin, " Down on me." He grew up with drummers that inspired him to be what he is today. He has played with many bands from country, to blues, rock, heavy metal, alternative, and many other styles. Chuck likes to show off a little. Spinning the drumsticks, playing with beer bottles once in a while, standing up while playing, and occasionally a drum solo. Chuck writes," I grew up with friends that helped me get to where I am at. I am thankful for their support and encouragement throughout the years."ROCK N ROLL!"

Mike - Bass

Born in St. Paul, Mike started taking guitar lessons at 9 years old and switched to the bass at 13 when he joined the Stone Cold Band which needed a Bass Player. They played at High school dances, different events and even a couple bars at age 16, just had to have one of their parents there.
Mike joined the White Ashe Band in 1978 until the early 80’s and then the Allies Band was formed. He was playing 5-7 nights a week and loving it. Some other bands were Crossroads, Kiss Me (KISS Tribute), Thin Ice and Mid Life Krisis, He has had the pleasure and blessed to work with some of the best in the business and sharing the stage with some national acts. He truly loves to play music and entertain his audience.

Pat - Keys

Born in Georgia, Pat’s love for music started at an early age when his Mom made him practice the keyboard while his friends were outside having fun running around the hood, racing bikes and playing baseball. After a period of time, his interests expanded and taught himself how to play guitar, trombone and eventually sang in the church choir. Pat attended Georgia Southern University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition in 1987. Immediately after graduating, Pat flew to Casper Wyoming to join the full-time cover band Summit, which at that time was touring the entire United States, from coast to coast.

Steve - Guitar

Steve's influences range from.............just about anyone that does cool shit! Steve says " At this stage of the game its all about having fun and trying to give the best performance I can possibly give." This band (L-N-D) is a fun band, everyone gets a chance to do their thing and hopefully the audience will pick up on that, and have a good time as well.- Hope to see you out there!

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